Oscar's Pals

Dog Day Care and Doggie Guest House

Dog Day Care

Day care involves your dog staying with Oscar and myself at our my home for the day while you are at work or otherwise engaged. 

Times would be flexible but usually the dog would be dropped of at 8:00am and collected by 6:00pm.

We do offer a pick Up and Drop Off Service.

They will have all the comforts of home and be given my and Oscar's full attention in fact your dog will be treated the same as Oscar.

During the day your dog will have a long walk in the morning and short comfort walk in the afternoon.

They will also be included in any Seaside Trips at no extra charge.

Any special needs such as grooming or medical considerations will be catered for although there may be an additional charge for vet visits or such.

Usually this service will be available on weekdays but I will take day care dogs on weekends by arrangement.


Single Dog from £14 per day

Please contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 07594 343 519